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Why should I join The National Employee Benefits Advisory Forum (NEBAF)? How does this benefit me?

Membership in NEBAF offers advantages such as:

  1. Information about what benefits providers are developing that your company can use to introduce new products and services to its employees.
  2. Information about what other companies are doing so you can benchmark your company's performance.
  3. Information about what brokers/consultants are recommending to their clients, which you can use to benchmark your company's benefits strategy and offerings.
  4. The opportunity to share your honest, unbiased, confidential, and anonymous feedback with benefits providers so that they may develop products and services that better meet your company's needs and those of its employees.
  5. Valuable, up-to-date information about important trends in employee benefits through custom reports that will be available exclusively to NEBAF members. The first such report will be emailed to all those who apply for membership as a token of NEBAF's appreciation. (For a precis of the report that you'll receive as a "Thank You" for applying, click here.) These reports will contain new and critical information that will be useful to support your company's benefits strategy and offerings to its employees.
  6. Other rewards, such as books, discounts, and opportunities to earn cash compensation or contribute to a selected charity, may be offered to those who participate in information exchanges.

What will membership in NEBAF require from me?

Membership in NEBAF will require only a minimal amount of your time-participation in 2 to 4 information exchanges per year. Most of these exchanges will take the form of confidential executive consultations, interviews, or surveys in which you will be requested to take part, and may be on-line, over the telephone, or in person at a facility near you. In general, active members spend less than hour participating in these exchanges during the entire year.

There is no cost (in terms of fees, charges, or other out-of-pocket expenses) to you to join NEBAF.

What happens if I join NEBAF but can't participate in an information exchange at a specific time?

While we hope that you will take part in every confidential information exchange to which you are invited (and, as mentioned, it won't be more than 4 in a calendar year), we understand that NEBAF members are busy. You may opt out of any particular exchange; however, opting out will remove your name from the list of recipients of the specific report that is generated as a result of the exchange (although you'll always be able to access the reports that are available to the entire membership in our library.)

Finally, if there is any financial incentive, such as a best-selling business book or a charitable contribution, associated with a specific information exchange, you'll miss the opportunity to earn that.

Because participation in these confidential information exchanges is the key request NEBAF has of its members, those who continually opt out of the exchanges will be queried about their ongoing interest in membership in NEBAF.

How did you get my name and why am I being invited to join?

You have been selected as one of a small number of Human Resource and Finance executives to be invited to apply because of your reputation and experience in the field of employee benefits. We invite executives who have come to our attention because of the company he or she serves, his or her experience (both in terms of overall experience and with different types of employee benefits), and the range of benefits with which he or she has experience, based on information such as prior conference attendance, information on file with various benefits providers and insurance carriers, and information resident in certain databases (such as Judy Diamond).

How do I know that signing up for the forum won't mean a lot more work, or just more spam?

As mentioned above, membership in NEBAF will require only about an hour of your time per year.

As a leading provider of business-to-business research to the financial services industry, The Center For Strategy Research, Inc., the NEBAF's primary sponsor, is committed to ensuring your complete comfort with and confidence in joining this organization. CSR is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Qualitative Research Consultants Association. CSR is also a frequent presenter at financial services industry events. Therefore, CSR will:

  • Maintain total confidentiality within the exchange, so that no other member knows your views on any topic under discussion.
  • Not invite you to participate in NEBAF information exchanges more than 6 times per year.
  • Promptly follow up each dialogue with promised reports, incentives and updates as soon as they become available.
  • Never share any information that you disclose to us, whether in the application process or in any information exchange, with any other member or interested party, in a manner where facts about you or your views can be ascribed to you in any way.
  • Never use your status as a member of NEBAF or share information about you to any other entity for solicitations or sales purposes.
For more information about CSR, visit its web site at

I have other questions. Who do I contact?

Please send an email to or call Mark Palmerino at The Center For Strategy Research: 617 451 9500.

This sounds as if it will be a great source of information and interesting to take part in. How do I sign up?

Please join here by filling out an application form.


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